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Wedding Planning Services

Full-Service Wedding Planning $3,784

Partial Wedding Planning $2,882 

Month/Day of Wedding Management $1,662

Pricing starts at $3,784 and can vary depending on guest count, location(s), budget, and logistics

You’re engaged! It’s an exciting time and it has been fun to announce the news and celebrate with your family and friends. Now comes the daunting task of planning the wedding day. Between work, school, family, friends, and life, it can be stressful to think about all the details involved in planning your wedding. Where do you even start and how are you going to juggle 100+ hours of wedding planning with everything else you have going on?


Hiring Bijoux Bride is a must-have investment for the busy professional or full-time student. It is wise to hire a professional wedding planner to design, plan, and coordinate this huge celebration of marriage.


Get in touch today to learn how Full-Service Wedding Planning will allow you to enjoy the planning process, keep up with your regular commitments, and be confident you are making the best choices for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

Pricing starts at $2,882 and can vary depending on the client's needs, guest count, location(s), budget, and logistics.

You are off to a good start on planning your wedding day! You have booked the perfect venue, have a general wedding budget, and maybe even booked a few of your event professionals already. Now what? You know there is so much more to planning this celebration, but you are worried about making a wrong decision or missing key deadlines. And how are you going to pull all of those Pinterest ideas together to create a cohesive look on your wedding day?


Does this sound familiar? If so, hiring a professional wedding planner is the next logical step. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.


Get in touch today to learn how Partial Wedding Planning can be the ideal choice for you!

Pricing starts at $1,662 and can vary depending on guest count, location(s), budget, and logistics.

Whether you are planning a grand fête downtown with 300 of your closest friends or you are looking forward to an intimate, mountain-top wedding with 25 guests, we take all of your hard work and make it come to life on the day of the event so you can relax and enjoy the celebration.

Starting 30 to 60 days before your wedding day, we will work with you to gather all of the planning details, review a detailed wedding checklist together, create timelines, attend a final meeting with you at the reception venue, and finalize timing and logistics with your team of event professionals. On the wedding day, your wedding planner and assistant(s) will be on-site for up to ten (10) hours to take care of everything. 

​We can’t wait to talk to you and learn more about your wedding celebration! Contact us today.

À La Carte Services

À La Carte or Add-On Services include social party planning for rehearsal dinners, showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridesmaid luncheons, guest activities during the week of the wedding, the post wedding brunch, and welcome receptions. In addition to this, we also include task-based services such as RSVP management, assembly and delivery of guest welcome bags, assembly and mailing of wedding invitations, and dress shopping with your clients.


Pricing varies and depends on guest count, location(s), budget, and logistics.

For more detailed information about our service packages and to know how we can help, click here.


Bijoux Bride is offering a 25% discount on all wedding packages booked between November 5 and November 30th!

  • This applies to any available date, but the contract must be signed including a deposit before November 30th, 2019

  • Discount only applies to package prices, not add-on products and services

  • No travel charges apply within 30 miles of our location