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Gold Plated Necklace, Womens Necklace, Synthetic Leather Necklace, White stone Necklace, elegant Jewelry, choker Necklace, Christmas Necklace, Gift For Her. Butterfly necklace 


****Stunning leather butterfly choker. 36cm adjustable size to 33cm. Comes with a beautiful silver and gold butterfly pendant made with 80 small zircon of 1mm each.

36 cm Faux leather choker with butterfly pendant

SKU: 5317253606
  • In order to keep your jewelry beautiful and looking new, we recommend that you: clean using only tap water and sulfate-free soap, avoiding the use of shampoo and regular soaps, because this may tarnish pieces and their stones.

    Also avoid using acetone, toothpaste, or alcohol. To avoid oxidation, hand creams, perfumes and deodorants must be applied 10 minutes in advance of putting on your jewelry. Always remove jewelry before applying hair dye. Preferably, don´t wear jewelry at the beach. If you do, avoid applying sun block or sunscreen over jewelry.