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Frequently Asked Questions 

About Our Jewelry

Thank you for taking interest in our products. We've been buying and selling this brand for over a year now and have heard only praises about it. Its coat and shine last long, it’s really beautiful and there are a variety of styles and designs to choose from. We invite you to give it a try if you haven’t already and we promise that you’ll love it too!

Why is hypoallergenic Jewelry?


All pieces of jewelry are hypoallergenic because it contains zero nickel. Nickel is a metal highly allergenic in its composition. This kind of metal is commonly used in costume jewelry and in plated-jewelry as well. There's no nickel applied in any of its models.

What are Zircon and Rhodium?


Zircon is a synthetic and colorful stone, considered the best diamond look-alike ever developed in the laboratory. The Zircon applied by in this jewelry is imported from Austria and is of the highest quality and, for this reason, is used in our jewelry. Rhodium is a noble metal from the platinum "family" that is used in jewelry. Before applying rhodium, this jewelry receives a thick layer of 1000 sterling silver (pure, without alloy) that gives a sophisticated and long-lasting finishing.

What’s 18k Gold mean?


Rommanel jewelry is pure 18 carat gold. It's composed of 75% pure gold and 25% metal alloy. The jewelries receive three layers of gold in its jewelry, two of them 18K gold and the last one, the flash, of 22K gold (composed of 92% pure gold and 8% metal alloy). This gives the jewelry a thicker layer of gold, assuring a fine finishing, similar to the solid gold jewelry.

May I engrave in 18k gold-plated or rhodium-plated jewelry?


No, you cannot. Plated-jewelry is chemically coated with a layer of gold or rhodium. If engraved after this process, it will rupture the plated surface of the piece, damaging it definitively.

Wholesale availability


We don't have wholesale availability. However, if you see a piece you like and would like to order more than the quantity listed, please let us know and we’ll make those available to you ASAP.